Service Information

■ Microsoft Imagine
 Microsoft Imagine is an annual onerous membership program for educational institutions.
 Kyushu University signs the EES agreement with Microsoft.
 So university members can use Microsoft Imagine free of charge as the special offer.

Available Range

 The softwares offered by Microsoft Imagine should be used for non-commercial purposes of education and research.
 (You may not use for business and office.)

Examples of Unacceptable Instructional and Research Use

 The software may not be used on any computer that supports the operations of the institution such as accounting,
 admissions, facilities, information technology, etc. Examples of unacceptable use are the following.
  ●SQL Server may not be used to set up a department-wide internal database.
  ●Windows may not be used to deliver the website on which the departments and the labs are introduced.
  ●You should not send and check the e-mail, also browse and search the website,
    if they are not needed for education and research.

Important Notices for Installing Softwares

We don't take any responsibility for any problems arising out of installing.
Proceed at your own risk.

Download Software

■ You can download the following products.
 ・Visual Studio
 ・SQL Server
 ・Windows Server

■ Please download on the following site.
Software Download Site

Contact Information

Software Working Group
Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University
Phone : 092-642-2201 (Ext. (99)2201)
Mail   :
Hour  : weekday 8:30~12:00 / 13:00~17:15 12:00~13:00 is "Lunch break"
         ※Inquiries outside office hours will be responded to on the next working day.
          Some inquiries in office hours may need one or more working days to respond.